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Welcome to faceboardpro

With millions of users all round the world Facebook has been emerged as vast tool for marketing of your business. With different analytical, promotional and marketing tactics it has been emerged as one of the leading digital marketing tool in today’s business world.
Due to its overwhelming popularity and cross border reach every day new bards open their account with Facebook to promote their business with the advanced analyzing tools of Facebook. But have you wonder? How you can ascertain that your micro blogging site is reaching properly to your target group so that it will fetch you proper result.

Why Faceboardpro?

It will help you to reach to your desired audience directly. Manage all your daily post and business campaigns. Assist you to attain your goal with ease.

Account Management

Account Management

This is one of the most advanced feature of faceboardpro. You can upload, multiple accounts, monitor active and inactive accounts, friends and followers, of your Facebook accounts in a single click. You can also change your profile name and language of the uploaded account

Event Management

Event Management

This feature provide complete management of Events on Facebook. You can create event on your uploaded account, load event details, invite friends to events, and load other event also so that you can send request for those events too. URL.

Groups Management

Groups Management

This feature provide complete management of your Facebook group. You can manage your groups, send group invite, send group request, add or delete group post. The best part is you can manage multiple post per group, use targeted group URLs.This feature also allow scheduling of uploading and deletion of group post.

Friends Management

Friends Management

we have features like request friends, accept/cancel friend request and invite friends. You can add targeted friends in your account. Targeting can be also done based on Geo-Location.You can send friend request via name, locations, profile URLs or profile URLs. You can also upload mobile number or email_ID of your send him/her an invite.

Pages Management

Pages Management

This feature let you automatically manage Facebook fan pages, like and comment on a targeted post, even you can upload videos, post messages on your own Facebook pages and targeted fan page. Also you can create gate for your fans to encourage them to like your page. There are other features too like fan page poster and invitee.

Photos Management

Photos Management

Well, this feature is the most amazing one! And you can’t deny this. This feature allow you to download the Photo and tag your friend name on that photo. You can also set the amount of friends you want to tag. You can tag the targeted audience to grab the attention as well as download a complete album of a Facebook fan-page.

Faceboardpro Key Features:
  • Reach your target customers without spending a single dime on facebook ads!
  • Make sure your message will go to the target users inbox.
  • Connect with your target customers without them knowing you are using a software.
  • Extract user ID and FB Email lightning fast.
  • Automatically send facebook message to your target consumer.
  • Customize your result by using Facebook custom Audience Feature.
  • Automatically manage facebook fan pages and groups.
  • Interact with your friends automatically by liking their posts.
  • Make trending posts by using the auto tagging feature.
  • Invite all your friends to your new fan page to easily gain likes.
  • You can bump your post with a simple click.
  • Emulate human interactions! People or facebook wont suspect you are using a software to manage
  • User friendly interface

       And tons of other useful features…

Wall Management

This feature allow you to post pic on your wall/timeline with wall poster option. You can post pics on your timeline through loading targeted URLs, greeting messages or through one of your folders in your PC.

Data Management

You can only target right audience related to your market if you have right leads for a particular niche. So our scraper feature will provide you fan page members, group members and custom audience scraper.

Messages Management

Focus on targeted audience now and send them a direct message with pictures also you can send a video link too to your friends inbox, even you can send messages to those facebook users who are not directly attached with you.

Effective Facebook Marketing

With faceboardpro not just you’re putting your offers straight on your customer’s line-of-sight, but you can also place attention-grabbing content that they’ll straightly response to in their news feed.

Fully Compliant With Facebook.

Since faceboardpro is completely compliant with Facebook, you’ll never ever have to be worried about the software getting outdated, or having your solitude jeopardised, or having your content automatically posted without your permission.

Awesome Support

FaceBoardpro not only has a world class support mechanism available round the clock but also offers you helpdesk integration with your account. People can reach out to us no matter what situation they are in.

    • Quick Support
    • To serve our customers in their need is our primary goal. We have been able to successfully achieve this goal over past few years and trying our best by going a step ahead with 20/7 support services through multiple platforms like Skype, Live chat, Whatsapp, Telegram, Hangout, Email & Team Viewer.
    • Knowledge base
    • Doesn’t matter if you are Layman or a Nerd. A detailed guide can always help to learn the things quickly. With over 100+ updates, we have been able to get a thorough detailed knowledge base to be with you even if we are not available, but still, you contact us for more assistance.
    • Public Roadmap
    • We understand how quickly trends and requirements change in digital marketing industry. And we keep ourselves open to your features suggestions and needs. But since we cannot develop every feature at once, we allow you to list and track them with our roadmap.