Facebook is known as a giant social media platform. This is because of 1.79 billion of monthly active users. Using Facebook platform for marketing is the best marketing strategy. In past few month Facebook brings some new features for the marketers on Facebook.

According to Facebook, these new features of Facebook will give the better experience of marketing on Facebook. Most of the business person are not aware of these latest features. Due to their busy schedule.

So don’t worry this article will help you to know about these newly launched features. And how these features will help you to make a better marketing strategy for Facebook marketing.

Messenger Platform

Facebook has announced that it has opened a messenger Bots for all type of business. This bots will give new opportunity to businesses to connect with the customer and provide better services to their customer in a unique manner. Facebook also mentioned that all businesses and developers will gain access to documentations and best practice around their own bots for the messenger.

Facebook Messenger Bots

Live API

Facebook placing more attention on the video. Therefore they introduce Live API which offers a new way for developers and publishers join together to develop a live video for their businesses on Facebook. In other words, on Facebook you can broadcast live Video from various devices and setups.

According to Facebook users are watching more than 100 million hours of video per day on Facebook. So Live video Must be the #1 priority in the Facebook marketing strategy.

Video Discovery

Facebook launched a new mobile video browsing hub as well as video search engine. Which help users to search video on Facebook according to their need. They can connect them self with live video directly into the Facebook search tab.

This features will help you to drive more traffic to your Business video. More the video will share more traffic you will generate for your business.

Facebook Video Search

Quote Sharing

Facebook new Quote Sharing Features aim to make it extremely easy to share quotes and even add your own thoughts or comments before you share to Facebook. Now Facebook allows publishers to build share quotes button directly into their business page and app. This will help you to get more share of your product content on Facebook.

Facebook Quote Search

Save Button

This is an imagine features launched by Facebook. Using this features you can save thing which you find across the web. And you will able to view saved link later from any device.

Using save button as a business person you will be able to keep eyes on the Facebook save button in terms of engagement, link tracking, and post success. Businesses that measure the amount of saved article they are receiving on Facebook will get a good idea of what’s working and what’s not. It helps you to make better marketing content idea for the future.

Facebook Save Button

Account Kit

Account kit helps developers to grow their app demand among the people. Because it gives choice to the user to sign in with their phone number or email address without the need for a password.

People can use account kit without sharing their personal information from their Facebook account. Use account kit remove the major entry barrier which helps marketers to increase sign-ups and expand their audience.

Facebook Account Kit


Facebook always try their best to give better marketing experience to marketers. Who use Facebook marketing Platform. Above new features make a Facebook stronger platform for business. This features will help you drive traffic faster for your business on Facebook.