The festive season is just around the corner. Marketers, are you ready?

During the festive season, people shop more than ever. So, there is a great need of putting more efforts on attracting your users with your amazing products and alluring offers.

Wait! Is this enough during the festive season. Remember, you are advertising on facebook. And there is a bidding for displaying your ads on the targeted audiences’ walls.

There will be a great competition among facebook marketers to win the ad space for their business.

How can you make sure you are going to win the bidding?

Through this article, I’m going to tell you the best bidding practices that you can win the bid for your ads.

Go with Manual Bidding

Usually, marketers go with automatic bidding. Because, marketers face problem in determining the right value for the bidding. Of course, automatic bidding is a good choice.

But you see, here is the festive season with great competition for the ad space. So in such a case, go beyond automatic bidding and choose manual bidding. With manual bidding, you can reach the right people who matter you most.

manual bidding for facebook campaigns

1. Bid for purchases

Rather than bidding for the likes or shares or other impressions which don’t matter more for your business, you can bid for the purchases made. Determine the right value for the bid keeping the sales goal in mind.

2. Rise the bidding price

With automatic bidding, facebook bids the possible little amount in order to give you more impressions. But this will kill the chance of reaching the potential users who shop frequently. So rise your budget with manual bidding.

Don’t afraid of your campaigns running in loss. Because, facebook auction runs your bidding always with an amount lesser than your maximum budget.

Bidding for the Festive Season ahead

This is the season when your customers do more shopping. They don’t think of the budget. If they like something, they buy it. For your information, during the festive season, there around 55% more conversion take place in the Southeast Asia. So :

3. Go Big

Go with manual bidding. Make a catalog of your products that can get more conversions or sales. And for such products, spend more on facebook in order to reach more users and generate more sales.

4. The more You Give, the more You Get

During this season, you are getting the ad space with more effort and spending more amount. So you have to get a conversion from the ads. So give more takeaways to your customers. And spend more on reaching the people who shop more.

5. Concentrate on content

Creative content is much needed here. Because, you have to get worthy results for each you are spending on the campaigns. Add content strategies to your arsenal. And allure your customers.

6. Try Average Cost Bidding

With Maximum Cost Bidding, you need to pay the maximum amount you are willing to pay. But with Average Cost bidding, you are going to pay the average cost per result. This will give you more reach with better delivery.

7. Bid as per the behavior of the Audience

Consider the behavior of the people. Because, people with certain behavior are more likely to be your customers than others. Determine such behavior of your customers and set higher bidding for reaching such customers.

8. Choose between 1-day and 7-day bidding Windows

Some people convert on the day they see the ad. Some people take some time to decide whether to convert or not. So you need to select between the two bidding windows. Study the behavior of the audience you are reaching and if possible, get the stats of their shopping behavior earlier.


If you are a social marketer, you have to ensure success on facebook. Follow the tips given above. You have to raise your ad budget and bidding. But it gives you the worthy results for you.

Determine the right value of your bids and make a manual bidding for your campaigns during the festive season.