The first thing marketers usually do while entering the giant social platform Facebook is, creating a facebook business page. Thenafter, sharing posts on the page and reaching their audience.

Wait! Have you observed any slump in the facebook page reach of your business?

You, page reach is going down.

Time has arrived to change your strategies. Let’s try building your business community on facebook.

This is so simple and if you wonder how to create one for your business, here is the quick guide for you.

Create Facebook Group with All Your Followers

Facebook Groups, a fabulous feature which mostly underrated by most of the marketers, can be the platform where you can build the community of your business with all your active followers.

create a facebook group with a purpose

While maintaining the group, be careful that there may be a chance of your group members misusing the group for their own purposes or making spam on the group. So in the description of the group itself, be specific with the objective of the group and gently warn the members about breaching the terms of use of the group.

Facebook group is a place where like-minded people meet and conversate regarding their problems and new opportunities. The group members don’t want any unwanted information apart from the related stuff. Even though you are the creator of the group, they expect some value but not your exasperating ads.

So, don’t make burgeoning direct promotions. Share the information that matters to your followers that they themselves bring new followers for your business.

But be interactive with your audience and spark a good discussion in the group whenever possible.

Go Live whenever Possible

Facebook is really a great place for entertainment and marketing as well. If you observe the updates and new features unveiled in the year, most of them are for marketers only.

facebook live for engagement on your facebook group

Facebook Live is on of the best features that gives a great chance to engage with your audiences whenever you comes up with a good context.

Going live is not a tough task now. You can stream your video from three parts on facebook: your personal profile, on a group and on your page. While it is about your community, you need to go live on your group.

Before going live, spread the message to your group members. The advantage of Groups is, that you can reach all the members of the group unlike Pages where only a few of your followers reached.

Messenger supports video group chatting

Now, Messenger also supports video group chatting. You can invite a maximum of 50 members of the group and chat with them all. This is a good way of interaction with your group members. Though this not works all the time. But when used correctly, this will bring good results for your marketing.

group video chat on messenger

Promote your Community

You can run ad campaigns to get more new followers to join your community. You have to reach your target audience and show your ad persistently. So that, the user would definitely join the group. It is the common human nature that when we see something for a long time, we try it at least once in a while.

While setting up your ad campaigns, you can set your target audience the people who are interested in businesses like yours. Choosing the detailed targeting, you can target the followers of other facebook groups too. This will give you precise targeting and better results.


Thus, you are making your community more active and interactive with all your followers. For pages, you need to run long campaigns that take more investment. You need to throw more dollars.

But for these communities, you need not spend more. Just promoting your facebook group once in a while is enough. When you are posting important and useful content, your existed followers will bring new followers to the community.