The world is growing with the latest development in every field. According to a news, it was found that scientists had find a new planet similar to earth. It is believed that if the environment is favorable there, then the existence of life is possible there. Similarly, our social media is developing and enhancing its features just to make work efforts easy.

Facebook being one of the popular social media platforms has gained the attention of 1.86 billion monthly active users. And it is not the thing that I’m only the one who is saying this. There are many businesses who are taking advantage to Facebook in order to gain engagement of people.

And if it is such a big platform then why not to be the one who is taking advantage of this. Well, the very first thing we do after we log in is to scroll down the newsfeed. Like and comment on a post which you find interesting. So why not to post something really interesting which can gain engagement for you?

Yes, start sharing posts on Facebook. And don’t forget to share them in groups too. So how efficiently you can do that without wasting more time on posting and sharing? Well, the answer is by the help of software automation tool. Faceboardpro is a software automation tool which helps businessperson to perform all their activities automatically.


Let’s see how can you do that.


  • You can post anything on your friend’s wall.
  • Post pictures.
  • You can post the comment.
  • You can post anything on your page or fan page and much more.


Features of Faceboardpro


1. Wall Poster

Wall Poster


This feature will help you post any simple message or any URL on your friend’s wall. If you want to show them something new and interesting then this feature is the best. And moreover, you can do this automatically. You just need to select the input provided according to your wish. Then from the settings, you need to set the count number, threads and delay and when done click on start.


2. Post pictures on wall

 Post pictures on wall


This feature helps you to post pictures along with the message on your as well as your friend’s wall. For this, load the targeted URLs and message which you want to post. Then from the settings section set the pictures count which you want to post on your wall as well as your friend’s wall. Then set the delay and threads and finally click on start.


3. Make post on different Page

Make post on different Page


This feature allows you to make a post on your page or your fan page. You are able to post anything on the page it may be a simple message or URL message or any picture message. You just need to choose the option provided and then from the settings you can set the number of post per URL. then set the delay and then the thread and click on start.


Now the upcoming feature will allow you to share all the above posts in various groups. Let’s see how.


4. Share post in Groups



Share post in Groups


For this feature you need to load the multiple URLs even you can go with a single post URL. Then you have to select the account with which you want to share. Then you have to set the number of share, then the delay and threads. And choose the option to share on groups and then click on start.     


Over to you


Facebook with no doubt is the best platform for every business to generate leads. Hope I was clear on my words to explain you the same.

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