The ad feature of Facebook has helped many of its users to create awareness about their business. Have you ever tried using this platform as a Carousels? Sometimes you find this thought as a complicated one as you must have tried experimenting with this feature of the Facebook ad but are not sure whether it was working or not.

Well, if this is the situation which you are facing then I must say, the solution for this is found. Now you are able to test your Facebook ad platform.

It was back in June when Facebook has shared the announcement for their new Creative Hub.


Creative Hub


Now you might be thinking that what’s that? As per the description provided by Facebook: Creative Hub is a sandbox where agencies are allowed to play with the different ad formats for mobile and desktop and analysis which works best. I is found that most of the ad creations are done on Desktop and are experienced on the mobile. This also gives the opportunity to the ad creators to preview their task in a dynamic feed on mobile.  Also, they are allowed to share their mock-ups with the stakeholders through preview URL. The Creative Hub will also provide an inspiration for the easy-to-navigate option for the great content.

It might sound pretty good, right? But it was available only for the agencies and not for the everyday advertisers until now.

But this week it has announced that The Creative Hub is open for the entire globe. Now people around the globe are allowed to use this feature marketing community and advertising. And from the above para, you might have got the idea that it is pretty helpful and handy too.

So let’s see how it works.

Firstly, when you click on Creative Hub you are directed towards this page.


Creative Hub


When you are on this page at the right corner of this you will get the options of Get Inspired, View Format and Check MockUp. Before moving on, I must say that these sections are self-explanatory. Let’s come to them individually.


Get Inspired


Get Inspired


This section can be considered as an inspirational gallery which highlights some of the perfect examples of various ad format of Facebook.

Now moving towards the options which you find on the left corner of the screen. These are the various examples which you can use. For your convenience let’s choose the option of Canvas.

The moment you will click on this you will get the list of some of the ways different has used this option so that they can create a great effect.  Also, you are able to get more information on the same by clicking on any of the examples.   


Click for some example


Additionally, you can create your own mockup and send the same to your mobile and can see how it looks in the live environment.

Also, the moment you choose the option, Facebook will send the example to your mobile via a Facebook app. The best thing is that when you will open this app you will get the notification which will allow you to view the ad and also interact with the ad when it would be live.

Have a look.


Creative Hub 4


This is the best way to get the actual idea about your format and layout.

View Format

This option will allow you to view various types of Ads which will help you out  with the tips to maximize your ads.   


Instagram Image


But the best option is the Mock up option which will for sure inspire you. Once you have visited various ad type then you might get inspired to create one for yourself. And the process is also simple as once you have chosen one of the types then you will be taken through the same process for your ad format.    

Now let’s see how your ads will look on mobile.


Your ads on Mobile


This is how you are going to see your ad on your News Feed or Instagram.

For this case, a simple Carousel is used to demonstrate but you are free to try any other ad formats. This would be helpful for the one who is new to this option. As this is providing you the option to experiment with the different format of ads creation, soon you will create a new way to showcase your brand.  

Also, you find the sharing option which will help you to share your views with stakeholders and can interact with your colleagues. This will help you to boost up your performance and expand your feedback process. Well, you might find confused while considering everyone’s opinion but don’t forget you have the option play with your tries and when you are ok with your format then, can put money behind that.      


Well, this is an innovative way to use the ad feature of Facebook and make yourself perfect in that.

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