Facebook continues to highlight why it is one of the leading social media platforms in the world. The huge social media platform has stated its latest results, posting rises in both revenues generated and overall users.

Firstly, Facebook has added 76 million new users in order to take their Monthly Active Users count to 1.79 billion.


That’s a huge result, particularly as many would expect Facebook to be reaching the saturation point, making growth more difficult. This year, Facebook has added 134 million more, active users.

That’s really a massive result, mostly as many would expect Facebook to be getting saturation point that makes growth more difficult.

The daily active user count is simply mind-blowing.


That’s an upturn of 17% year over year Facebook added nearly 51 million daily active users in the previous quarter.

For now mobile endures playing a key role in the growth of Facebook, as the mobile active users striking 1.09 billion.


While mobile-only MAUs grew over a billion for the first time.


That means nearly 59% of all Facebook users only access the social media platform via mobile which underlines the need for marketers to deliberate Facebook experience in their Facebook efforts.

Facebook user’s numbers also represent that as Facebook endures to add more users, those users are also gradually active on the Facebook platform. More than 65.94% of all the users are now logging in daily, which is high when compare to past two-quarters.

With respective to revenue, Facebook posted another strong result, getting in more than $7 billion for the quarter.


Facebook still continues to get a majority of that revenue from the north America, which recorded as the highest quarter on a quarter rise (+$348 million), while takings in the Asia-Pacific area also saw a great jump (+$129 million). Mobile advertising income accounted for 84% of the total for Q3, up from 78% in Q3.

Average revenue per user also saw the most important jump in the Canada and U.S.


No doubt this was powered in part by the enhanced adoption of Instagram ads.

Mostly, Facebook posted winning numbers across the board, mainly Facebook ad revenue is rising the 3X faster than the rest of the ad market.

Mark Zuckerberg repeated Facebook video first method, noting that they are looking to spread beyond the text box for the status update.

Zuckerberg states that text has always been the way people communicate on the Facebook, but soon they trust the camera will be the ultimate way we share. This efficiently flags Facebook new camera option, Now on trial in Ireland, as the upcoming phase of Facebook updates. The new camera tool opens directly from the news feed and contains a range of Snapchat like image enhancement features and tools.

He also noted that they are working on a series of new visual tools across messenger, WhatsApp, facebook and Instagram which will be exposed in the upcoming months, which provides users with more ways in order to express themselves via social apps.

Zuckerberg repeated that at present Instagram stories is being used by 100 million people each and every day, also Instagram explores tab to which they newly added stories and more content is also being used by 100 million people every day.

So this stats are the great sign of indication for the marketers to explore their business through Facebook that helps them to experience better results in their business.