As a business person, Facebook Messenger is the new way to connect with your audience. Messenger on your business page gives you and your customer a privilege of making personal chats and a new path of making a relation. The most important thing about Fb Messenger is that it keep records of all the chat.

Through this article, I will let you know how to use Facebook Messenger with your business page?.

Why use Fb Messenger for Your Business on Facebook?

According to Facebook, around 1 Billion people use Facebook Messenger every month. Most important thing about the Fb messenger is that anyone can use it whether your profile is on Facebook or not.

Having Fb messenger on your facebook business page help you respond your customer privately. The power of direct messaging to your customer gives your business great power.

89% of people are using facebook on their mobile and using messenger. And as a business person if you communicate with your users personally it makes good relationship and makes your business relationship into personal ones.

Why use Private Message Service for Your Business?

The most important part of personal message service is about providing better customer service. Providing customer service through social media is one of the best media. Because it is a quicker way to provide customer service and connect your business more strongly through social media channels. To get the best result in your social media business it is important to keep your business page customer service friendly which is done my Fb messenger on the Facebook business page.

Fb Messenger gives you the power to establish real-time customer support. If your customer having any issue with your product or while purchasing your product. At that time Fb messenger helps you to assist them. Using Fb Messenger you can take customer order and send them confirmation order via message.

Fb Messenger

Saves Your Message

Fb Messenger helps you to save your message. Which helps you to keep the record of all message so that you can reply your customer according to that message. Suppose you talk to some customer and again the customer reply but you are not present at that time. So any of your teammates can easily make the conversation with your customer. and help them out.

Even if you’re busy with some other work you can easily write and save the message and at the time of reply you can click and send the reply.

Fb Messenger
Know About Your User Through Fb Messenger

Fb Messenger also helps you to know about your customer whom you are talking by displaying his details. Facebook Links their profile and lets you know about their behavior, likes, and the professions to which they belong. Which help you to make better communication between you and the customer.

Fb Messenger
Adding Keywords and Notes on Messenger

Fb Messenger
Fb Messenger helps you to add keywords which help you to manage your conversation. You can also add notes about the interaction of yours with the customer.

Fb Messenger


Fb Messenger helps you to manage your customer queries through messaging. It also helps you to build a strong relationship with your customer. And give your power to engage with your customer in real time. Adding Messenger on your business page is easy. Adding Notes on Fb Messenger helps you to keep the records of your interaction with the customer. So that in future you can take that data for targeting customer.