No doubt there is a high chance that you are one of the members of few groups on Facebook. These groups might be your local community for sales purpose or it might be one of that group which helps you to get connected with other users of similar niche. Not an issue whichever group you are a member of but the point is that all the high values arrive from the leaders and the members of that group.  

If you opt to build a Facebook group for your business then you are opening a great path to get connected with the potential customers. And in today’s era, the craze for Facebook Groups has shown an incredible popularity. And this popularity comes to value when the similar minded people come together.

Make sure that your current supportive and engaged groups are helping you to retain your present customers and you should focus on them first instead of nurturing leads. Your Facebook groups can build up an engaged and valuable community. No doubt creating Facebook groups is easy but the actual effort is seen during the maintenance and cultivation of that group.

The thing which you should know first is that Facebook business page and Facebook groups are two different things. Facebook group is a place where people come to get connected, discuss similar interest and grow.  

If you wish to create a spam free Facebook group then you need to unlock your social proofs.

Below provided paragraphs will provide you the steps to create your own engaging groups and the benefits of creating communities. Additionally, we would discuss some strategies which will be helpful for you  to add values to your customers.

Let’s start from the beginning.


Why Facebook groups?


Well, if you opt to create the same then you will be clear about one thing that is this group will be the most enthusiastic group which will for sure create engagement for your business. Also, your marketing efforts will strengthen as you will present your social proof in front of all your viewers.

And if we talk about the Facebook users count then there are 1.28 billion daily active users.

Also, there are about 50 million Facebook business pages and 42% of marketers who say that Facebook is important for their business. If we talk about the foreign users then 79% of American use Facebook. And about 71% of adult population spend time on Facebook.    


User count of FB


Let’s check out the benefits of creating community on Facebook.




1. Social proof

You need to provide your social proof which in return will provide you engagements.


2. Interaction and engagements

Creating community will help you to interact and engage with your potential customers.


3. Brand visibility

This will clear the path for your brand visibility.


4. Collect new content ideas or product

Different members will bring you new and encouraging content ideas or products.

Benefits of creating community on Facebook

Now let’s just check out the steps to create your own engaging Facebook groups.




 steps to create your own engaging groups


  1. Decide what is the purpose of creating a Facebook group.
  2. Name your group according to that purpose.
  3. For a startup add at least one member.
  4. Choose the appropriate privacy settings.
  5. Mention the description and add a cover image.
  6. Use tags to make your group visible on Facebook.
  7. Create a post which welcomes the new members and pin it to the top of your group.


Now let’s discuss some of the strategies which will help you to add value to your customers.





  1. Create a doubt free group rules and promotion policies.
  2. Try to set up your expectations and examples that how your group members should act.
  3. Encourage your group members to report members or posts which are violating group’s rules.
  4. Determine the membership approval process.
  5. Create content especially for the group.
  6. Go for the discussion of a controversial question or thought-provoking.
  7. Make a list of new influencers to help.
  8. Inspire group posting in your emails and other marketing efforts.


Over to you


Hope I was clear on my words to explain you, how to frame a community for your business by the help you Facebook groups. Share your views on this blog post and do follow our blog on Faceboardpro.