The Facebook Page was launched on 4th of February 2004. From 2004 to this present day, Facebook has improved drastically and gradually the improvement is increasing day by day. It is the best site which connects people to people who are far away to each other. Facebook is the medium which brings friends and your beloved ones back to you. If we will consider the previous dates, then we can realize how much Facebook has developed till now. For one operation it mostly took a lot of time. For example, if you have sat to arrange the friend list of your Facebook account, then it mostly takes half of the day to arrange the friend list. But those days are gone. Now many features and software are available who automate all your activities in just one click.

Mostly it takes a lot of time to arrange all your friends and make them a separate groups. It happens because sometimes you need to post separate posts to separate groups and that is the reason why we make separate groups with separate friends. But now in this developed world, you don’t need to separate friends into groups individually. Now all these things can happen automatically and you don’t need to put a lot effort. How? Okay, let’s talk about it.

Facebook for marketing

Many Facebook automation tools are there which are used to automate Facebook operations. The thing is to consider that which one is the best among all. Well, in this post I will introduce the best among all Facebook marketing tool and that is none other than “Faceboardpro”. In this post, we will talk about the features and uses of Faceboardpro. But before that let’s have a look at the introduction of Faceboardpro.

What is Faceboardpro?

With millions of users around the world, Facebook has become one of the most popular and best ever used marketing tool. With different promotional and marketing diplomacies, Facebook has become the most emerging and attractive marketing field. In today’s business world, Facebook has become one of the most valuable and used marketing fields. So to make it more updated and to automate all its functions, a software is discovered and that software is named as Faceboardpro.


Why Faceboardpro?

Faceboardpro is the tool which helps you to reach the desired audience. It manages all your campaigns and daily posts and automates all the Facebook activities.

Key features of Faceboardpro:

The best and advanced features are;

  • You can message multiple users at a time. You don’t need to do that operation individually.
  • You can interact with your friends automatically by liking their posts.
  • It can do the auto-tagging operation.
  • You can invite your friends to like and share your page automatically.

And many more features.

In this post, we will discuss how you can manage your friends automatically using friend management feature of Faceboardpro.

Friend Management:

#1. Request friends:

Request Friends Module of Faceboardpro

In this friend request module, you can send requests to people by searching their names, through keywords and through locations too. In this module, you don’t need to send friend requests individually. The operation can be done automatically.

#2. Accept friend request:

Accept friends Request Module of Faceboardpro

In this module, you can accept friend requests or cancel friend requests automatically. Using this module you can accept friend requests and can take action towards the pending requests too.

#3. Invite friends:

Invite friends Module of Faceboardpro

This module allows you to invite friends to like your page. You can invite your facebook friends via email and phone numbers.

#4. Update friends:

Update friends Module of Faceboardpro

Update friends module will help you in extracting your friends and to save them in your later usage.

Wrapping Words:

So this is all about the friend’s management feature of Faceboardpro. Use this Facebook automation tool and make your all Facebook activities automated and save your precious time. Thank you for reading this post. Now you get more regarding the same. Just click here: 🙂