I bet no one can deny to my statement that Facebook is the best social network if we will count it as user base. Over 1.44 billion in every month and more than 900 million daily active users are available on Facebook. The popularity and the significance make it as an essential social networking site and it optimizes the activities efficiently too. Now Facebook has made many regulations and rules which make difficulties for the marketers to get a reach at their Facebook page and to get more traffic on their Facebook page. So how to get more traffic on your Facebook page? Are you worried about this? Well, no worries. This post will definitely help you to get over this problem. Yes, you can get more traffic to your Facebook page now easily.

Previously we have shown you many techniques and procedures which will help you in getting traffic to your Facebook page. But in case, if you want an immediate vast traffic and you don’t have that much time to establish the processes, then what to do? In such cases, only one thing which will help you and that is none other than one open source Facebook management solution and that is named as “Faceboardpro”. But before entering to the topic, have a look at the points that what Faceboardpro exactly is?

Facebook for Marketing


  • Faceboardpro is a Facebook management solution which helps you in securing vast traffic to your Facebook page.
  • Faceboardpro makes Facebook marketing automation easy.
  • Faceboardpro decreases the marketing automation efforts easily.
  • You can get the power of Facebook by using Faceboardpro.
  • Faceboardpro manages all your daily posts.
  • It guides you to get your goal easily and quickly.


Why Faceboardpro?

Now you can reach your desired audience directly using Faceboardpro. The best part about Faceboardpro is, it manages all the daily posts which are posted by you daily. It manages all your business campaigns. It helps in achieving goal easily and guides you in a better ways. Its features are the main things which make it more popular and wide. So let’s have a look at the features of Faceboardpro and let’s know their functions.

Features of Faceboardpro:

#1. Account Management:

Account management is one of the most advanced and updated features of Faceboardpro. Now you don’t need to upload accounts one by one. This time has gone. Account management feature of Faceboardpro helps the users to upload multiple accounts at a time. You can manage accounts. You can monitor all the active and inactive accounts. Along with that, you can manage your friends and followers too in just a single click. Is not it cool? 😉

Faceboardpro- Account Management

#2. Event Management:

The name itself indicates the function of this feature. Now you can manage events on Facebook. You can load, create events and upload accounts to your Facebook page. You can load other events too. Along with that, you can invite your friends and followings to that event. This is such a time-saving feature of Faceboardpro. 🙂

Faceboardpro- Event Management

#3. Friends Management:

Faceboardpro has features like accept the friend request, request friends and invite friends. Now you can filter your friend list in just one click. Now you can add needed and targeted friends to your Facebook account. If you found a spam friend request and you don’t want to involve them into your Facebook account, then you can easily remove that friend from your friend list. 😉

Faceboardpro- Friends Management

Wrapping Words:

So these are some of the efficient features of Faceboardpro. Many other features like page management, photo management, group management etc. features are also present which make Faceboardpro more popular and wide. If you want to get more information regarding the same, then

Click here: http://faceboardpro.com/

Thank you for reading my post. I hope I was quite able to give you some knowledge regarding Faceboardpro and its features. Try out this software and grab more traffic to your Facebook account. Please do share your views with us in the comment box given below. 🙂