Being a businessperson is not an easy task. You have to consider various aspects in order to develop your business. Previously there were not many options to create awareness about your business. But now the world has changed and developed. Today one can find a throng of the option to create awareness of their business.

Now people can start up their business from any corner of the world and create awareness. Yes, social media is the key. And if we talk about Facebook Marketing then no other social media platform is so famous as this.

If you are already using Facebook as a marketing platform then you might have checked the results and if not then go for it. You can take my words as granted. I guess you might have multiple Facebook accounts? If not then create some, you can get a great benefit out of that. Creating multiple Facebook accounts will open up a door to meet various people with different ideas. And when you will have different Facebook accounts then you should go for different groups too.

You might be worried about the management, right? Let’s see.

How to Manage?

  • Manage your different Facebook accounts from a single place.
  • Manage your different Facebook groups.
  • Like different posts in different groups.
  • Reply through message
  • Comment on different posts.
  • Share post in multiple accounts and much more.

Now you might be thinking how is this possible? Well, the answer is with the help of software automation tool. Yes, Faceboardpro is a software automation tool which can help you in all the above-mentioned points and even more than that.

If you are worried about managing different Facebook accounts then you can get the solution here within the features of Faceboardpro.

Accounts Manager

Account Manager

This feature will help you to manage your multiple Facebook accounts. You are allowed to load your accounts or even delete some if are of no use. And this will keep the track of all your account detail in a single place.

Also, you can share your posts in various groups if you wish.

Share Posts

Share Posts

This feature will allow the users to share their posts in different groups.  For this, you just need to load the URLs and select the accounts. Then you need to mention the number of shares and select the option to share on groups. When done set the delay and threads and finaly click on start.

Now the topic to consider is how to manage posting in multiple Facebook groups? Well, we have got the solution even for that.

Manage multiple group activities with the Features of Faceboardpro

  • Group inviter
  • Group request manager
  • Delete group post
  • Group post liker
  • Make group admin

Let’s just see how to do that in my upcoming paragraphs.

1. Group Inviter

Group Inviter

This feature will help you to send an invitation to different groups. You can invite anyone whom you wish to invite in your group. Just you have to load the URLs and Emails. They can be multiple or single. Accordingly, you need to set the threads, mention number of friends, set the delay and click on start.

2. Group Request Manager

Group Request Manager

With this feature, you can send the request to different groups. You just need to load the URLs of the groups, select the accounts with which you want to send the request. After you are done with the same mention the number of group request per user, set the threads, delay and finally click on start.   

3. Delete Group Post

Delete Group Post

You can also delete your posts from any group. For doing this you just need to load the group post URL then mention the delete number of group post then for sure mention the interval. Set the delay, threads and then click on start.

4. Group post likers

Group post likers

As per the name suggest you are able to like different group posts also can comment. For this, you can load multiple group URLs or even the single one. Then choose the number of posts you want to like but be conscious that you shouldn’t spam your account. Mention the delay and threads.  Then choose whether you just want to like or comment too. And when done click on start.

Over to you

The above-mentioned were some of the features which will help you to manage multiple Facebook groups at once. Hope you will get benefits out of these features and I bet once you use this tool you will get used to it.

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