Are you willing to know how to post to Facebook groups automatically? If yes, then you are in the right place. As we all know the purpose of social media strategies that is to build up the presence of any business. No matter what is the type large or small, private or public, national or international, the concern is only to attract a large number of customers. And social media is providing every businessperson the platform to accomplish this goal.

Now the question which to focus is that why different brands are diverting their attention to a post on potential Facebook groups? The answer to this is quite simple that, now they realize that it is having a super value. Groups are the best place for interactions as it provides an opportunity to encounter super segmented users.

Moreover, we know that our success depends on our deeds. So here in this case you are responsible for generating your presence in various groups, the groups which can contribute to your business success. So in this post, we would look forward to aware you with great tips on how to make posts in various Facebook groups.

Before we start, let’s know how is this possible. Well, you can perform your work automatically if you use software automation tool. Which is designed to help you make your work easy and efficient. Yes, I would like to suggest you a software which is Faceboardpro. This is a Facebook automation tool which allows you to perform your Facebook activities smoothly.


Now let’s just discuss some of its features.


Features of Faceboardpro


1. Post on friend’s Wall

Post on friend’s Wall

This model helps you to post any kind of message or URLs on your friend’s wall. If you are eager to present something to your friend’s then you can just move on with this feature. Choose the option from the input section according to your wish. Then you have to set the count, delay in seconds and then threads. And then finally click on start.


2. Post on various pages

Post on various pages

This feature will allow you to make a post on your wall. Also, you can make posts on different walls. According to your wish choose the choose the option from the input section. After you load the URLs from the setting section mention the post per URL, then set the delay, threads and finally click on start.    


Not only this you are also allowed to post pictures on walls. For this, you can use the feature post pics on walls.


3. Post pics on wall

Post pics on wall

This module allows you to post pictures with the targeted URLs. And only this you can you can post the greeting messages along with them. Choose the desired option from the input. Then set the number of pics, threads, and delay. When done click on start.


Now, this was all about posting post and pictures. But to enhance your engagement you shouldn’t forget the term groups. As I have already told you that groups are the best place for interaction. So should join such groups which can provide you engagements. So start joining different groups and share your post in those groups.


For this, use the feature of share post.


4. Share Post

 Share Post

This feature will help you to share your post in different groups. For this, load single or multiple URLs. Select the accounts from which you want to share your post. Set the number of shares and don’t forget to click on share on groups. Then set the delay and threads and finally click on start.


Over to you


Hope I was able to let you know how to post on Facebook groups automatically. Share your views on this blog post and do follow our blog on Faceboardpro for more updates.