There are many things that one has to take care of with facebook marketing. A marketing campaign on facebook first starts with prospecting. In this process, you have to search for the people on facebook who are likely to be your customers.

Prospecting can be done so easily though it seems tough. Because, one can use tools available in the market. With the help of these tools, prospecting is made so easy.

And next, connecting with the people is the next big thing. As you are going to have some thousands of people in the list, it takes some weeks of time to do it manually. There are some automation techniques that you can use to send friend requests to all the people automatically and accept friend request from others as well.

And now comes the most important and difficult job of the process. That is, posting on your page, and sharing to groups continuously. So that, you would not miss the chance to reach your global audience at any cost.

But there is no need to use separate tools for this task. If you are wondering how to post in all facebook groups at once for free, Faceboardpro is the best solution for you.

It has all the automation features that an active social media marketer looks for. You need not purchase dedicated tools to perform each task. Faceboardpro provides a great value for your marketing with all the features right from advanced search features to precise campaign manager features.

prospects of facebook marketing

Posting to All Groups at Once

Especially, content sharing on facebook really deserves a lot of attention. Because, this one task of yours makes you stronger on the social network. If you are not active on social media, people can easily forget you. If you are too active, they will get irritated and never follow you. So, there is a moderation needed in this matter.

There are some other issues that are preventing you from using automation facebook does not encourage you to use automation as it may degrade their servers. In some cases, it may block the accounts that are done automation beyond the limit. This rises the need of time delay and proxy support.

These are the points where faceboardpro dominates the competition. This supports multiple proxies and proper time delay settings that protects your accounts from getting blocked.

You can download faceboardpro from where you need to register yourself. Once you signed up, you can download the setup file and instal faceboardpro easily on you PC.

Just login to the tool with your creds and upload your facebook accounts. There are various modules that allow you to post on facebook in different manners. In the Wall module, you can post on your wall and parallelly, you can share the same on your groups.

Share post in Groups

You can upload the URLs of some specific groups or you can share the posts to all your groups (the groups you joined and the groups you created).

You need to pay for this tool only once. But you can use all the required features for your marketing. Thus this tool can show you a solution on how to post in all facebook groups at once for free.