Facebook has been the nerve of the Social media now. You can get anyone, any update and any news on Facebook. Everyone from the personal and professional field are present on this platform.

As far as Facebook is concerned, it is all about posts, likes, comments and shares.Both on your personal page and the groups you have on FB. The more likes your post will generate, the more popular your post will be.All these you will do by posting on your page and on the groups in which you’ve been added.

Increasing Facebook likes.

Talking about groups on FB, there might be many for a person. People included in more groups need to share their stuffs regularly to get clicked on regular basis and thus they manage their flexibility over there.

So, what’s your trick to raise likes and shares for your post? Not sure about it. Well, don’t worry. I have come up with this article which will tell you about three awesome steps to increase likes and shares for your post.


Steps to get more Likes/Shares for your FB post –

# Step 1 –

Always post on the Best time –

If you are an active Facebook user, you should be noticing that at some special time interval, there are more posts and activity in your FB wall. This is the best time when most people around your circle are active on Facebook.

How to increase views on Facebook.

This is your time to go! Post your news feed right at that time. According to a survey, the best time to post your news feed is Morning @ 9 am and between 1 pm to 3 pm.

So, you may increase your chance of getting more views by posting your posts on the right time.


# Step 2 –

Have a good frequency of posts per day –

Another very important trick to get more noticed is, to be Consistent on Facebook. Meaning? Surveys say that posting at least one post every day is necessary to be regularly seen on Facebook. However, it depends on the type of profile you have and who your target audience is.

Number of facebook posts to be regularly active.

If you have groups, then you can easily increase your post sharing through app tools  like Faceboardpro, which allows you to post to multiple groups with a single click. This will be time-savvy and you will also be active on all your groups.


# Step 3 –

Promote your FB page –

This trick applies specially in the social media marketing field. Your posts will be getting more likes and will be shared if your page will be visited more frequently. So you need to promote your FB page more to get noticed by more people.

Make more friends on FB and tell them about your page and why should they visit them. At the same time give reply to the likes and comments that they make in your FB posts. This will not only increase your FB reach but also make up a good image of yours.


In closure –

All in all, it’s up to you that how you use your social handle to promote yourself or your brand. You should remember that the only way to get regular clicks on your FB page is to be consistent on the same.

Posting regularly on the groups is a really tough task to perform and the apps which let you post on multiple FB groups can get you some good help. So , you should definitely use them for your post sharing.