As we all know that Facebook is one of the most used social media sites, but very few of you know the full use of this social app. Many of the marketers use this app for marketing their goods and services. There are some ways to popularize their products, and one of them is multiple Facebook groups post. At a single click, you can share your info with a huge number of people. The regular Facebook post is also helpful, but the work of the group is much beneficial from the business point of view. People interested in your product or service will inevitably go through your post and will surely share in their wall which increases the virality of the post.

This Facebook tool helps you to share the content or any info to multiple groups at one click. It means a single click you share your content with lacks of people. It is an automated chrome extension which was mainly created for the users of Facebook. Due to the uniqueness, people love to use this tool for their business and marketing purpose.


There are two steps to enjoy the benefit of this app:


1. First, you need to collect the Email address of different Facebook groups. It sounds like a difficult task, but it is only time consuming task. You just need to search the Email IDs for one time and then you can enjoy its benefits for long years. The time spent for searching the Email ID is worthy from the business point of view. Just focus on the group of people that will use your product or service, and after that, you can send them invites and share posts.

It would be much better to collect the email IDs and paste at your notepad or sticky notes, and after collecting all the IDs, you have to paste after the username whom you want to share your post.


2. If you are looking for “how to post in multiple Facebook groups in one click,” then you are at right place.Here is a trick that can help you to post on various Facebook groups.

  • Just log into the primary Email or Gmail in your Facebook account.
  • Then click on the option of compose mail.
  • You need to paste all the email IDs with whom you want to share the post in the BCC field.
  • After that post the content, links, and images that you want to share in the groups.
  • Click on the send button, and thus you are done.
  • And now you can visit the FB group and can see the post is successfully posted there.


Facebook Automation


Facebook Automation

As the marketers are greatly advanced these days, they don’t have much time to spend on each and every marketing activity. They use various Facebook Automation tools like Faceboardpro to complete their marketing activities as quickly as possible. Some of the tasks are scheduling, posting, engaging, sending invites that are handled with the automated tools and the saved time can be used for other important tasks like ROI.


Final Words


So, you may have got the answer to your question “how to post in multiple Facebook groups in one click” through the above blog. It is one of the latest and most used FB features nowadays. A Latest Facebook Social Toolkit Chrome Extension helps you to post in multiple groups. The best part of this tool is that it safeguards your account from being banned. You must try at least once and see the results for your business. We are pretty sure that this tool will benefit your business as we test it.