Facebook is the world’s most popular social media site comprising of pages,people,likes,comments and shares. You can talk to anyone around the world(Unless they also have an Facebook account),Like, Comment and share your stuff and engage with certain groups of your interests.

It’s the popularity of this platform that people from all the domains are present on FB and regularly post their new feeds. Whether it is from the professional world or the personal profile, everything can be shared through FB posts.

Facebook posts

You must have been posting new feeds on your personal page or groups you are in FB. In terms we talk about groups, there are a good number of other people with you there. These people also see what you post. If anyone has got more number of groups, then posting the same stuff again and again becomes a tedious task-to-do.

What’s the remedy? Well, I have came upon with a great idea! If you got to post to all the FB groups at the same time, then it will be so much time savvy right!

But the question is, How to post your feed to all the groups at the same time? Don’t worry, that’s what this article is all about. Here I am discussing few steps to share a Facebook post to multiple groups at once

Sharing of posts using E-mail address of Facebook groups :-

Sharing FB posts using Email ID.

Amazed at the sight? Many of you don’t know this but every FB group do have its own E-mail address. What you got to do is to take that E-mail ID of the desired groups in which you want to post.

How to get the E-mail address of Facebook group?

Just look at the URL of the group. It will show either a username or a specific number. This is your required email address for that group.

Example –

https://www.facebook.com/groups/username or any number

Copy this username/number. This will be your required email ID for the group.

After you have done it, just follow the steps written below.

Steps for sharing posts using email addresses –

  • Firstly we need to create email address of the group. To do this, you need to paste the username/number of the group before @groups.facebook.com. Your new email address will look like this –


  • Now, you need to do the same process for all the groups that you want to post in. You can make a list of all those groups separating by commas.
  • Next step, sign in to your email ID(that one which you use to create your FB account) and go to Compose E-mail option.
  • Now, copy the email address of all the groups that you just made and paste them in the Bcc field.
  • Time to add your post stuff. Add your Texts, Image or Links that you want to share and simply click Send.
  • This completes your post sharing in all the groups at the same time.

Conclusion – 

So, this was the overall process to share your post in all the groups using their respective email IDs.One other way is to opt for automation tools. There are different automation tools like Faceboardpro which is used to schedule posts on social media. So you can opt for those options too. I hope this article finds some help for you.Thanks for reading.