We can’t stop praising facebook for the value it brings to a business. While marketing on the world’s largest social network, the graph of a business goes up automatically. This is not just my word. There are millions of businesses using facebook for marketing their products/ services telling it.

The basic need of marketing is a demographic where you can find your prospect users and target them with your strategies in order to get a conversion. While traditional TV advertising, print media advertising or radio advertising deal with more investment, online advertising makes it easy for small and medium businesses.

Among all the digital mediums available for advertising, social media is the best place for connecting with a common user. There are 1.86 billions of such users on facebook. This is a number that makes facebook as the largest country if it were one. The folks are from every corner of the world. Local businesses can make a buzz in their locality and a global business can make it all over the world on facebook. However, the success depends on the strategy you follow for your business.

how to post to all groups on facebook

Strategies on Facebook

While talking about strategies, there are many. But the primary objective is to reach as many people as possible. With a personal profile, you cannot make more than 5000 friends. So with your personal status updates, you cannot reach more than the limit. That too, you cannot determine how many of them are your prospects.

This is the reason why leveraging facebook groups is a great strategy. There are thousands of groups related to your niche. And each group has thousands of members. So, you can have millions of prospects to reach and engage.

There are various content strategies to attract people in a group. You can use video content or images or gifs. But this entirely depends on the niche of your business. However, you have to join as many groups as possible. And share your content regularly.

The Difficulty

This strategy sounds good. But there is a difficulty in implementing it. Well, you know that you cannot share a post to one group at a time. If you join in 100 groups, it kills all your valuable time. Definitely, it is going to kill your business rather than doing some good. And you couldn’t see any point in hiring an employee to do this.

Drop out?

Not at all. Here is a solution for how to share a post to all groups on facebook. You can use an amazing automation solution to leverage facebook groups to the fullest.

With faceboardpro, you can automate your work. Just upload the URL of the post that you wish to share to the groups. And faceboardpro will take care of the rest. Here are some simple steps explaining the way to post to all groups on facebook with the minimal effort:

Step 1:

Log in with your credentials on Faceboardpro.

Step 2:

Open the WALL module and click on SHARE POST menu.

how to post to all groups on facebook

Step 3:

Upload the URL in the ‘Inputs’ section. In the ‘Settings’ section, find the option share on Groups and check the checkbox.

Step 4:

Click ‘start’ button. That’s it. Faceboardpro starts its work and shares the post on all the groups that you joined and managing.

Finally, I feel that you have got a solution to wash out your skepticism on how to share a post to all groups on Facebook with a minimal effort.

Please feel free to share your ideas and queries on this post or faceboardpro to know more.