When you feel reaching more people on Facebook and generating engagement is very important for your business, just do it:

  • Search for the groups that have people who are likely to be your customers.
  • Join all the groups that have thousands of members and active posts.
  • Create your own groups and invite all your prospects to join the groups.
  • Keep yourself active in the group and create discussions.
  • And become a thought leader.

That’s all. You can join in a maximum of 5000 groups. So, you can have some millions of audience engaging with your posts. But you see, all the people are not in a single group. You need to join as many groups as possible.

While sharing a post on each and every group, it takes an eternity to be done with it. And remember, the more active you are, the more engagement you make.

So, you have to bring both active being and group sharing into line. Such an uncertain situation it is!

Then, how to share a single post to all your groups on Facebook just in a minute?

With the API technology is being advanced, social media automation is made so easy. Using Facebook’s API helps you in automating every activity on the social network. But wait, being a business person, you can’t code.

Don’t worry. There are many third-party tools that provide automation services. Don’t hunt high and low. FaceboardPro itself is one of the best automation tools used for Facebook marketing.

There are different modules on FaceboardPro to take care of different kinds of marketing activities on Facebook. And there is a special module for performing and controlling on groups as well.

Group Module

Just as we said in the beginning of this post, you need to do many things with Facebook groups. You have to search for them and join them. With the prospecting tools on FaceboardPro, you can grab the URLs of the groups that matter a lot to your business.

Group Post Liker for Faceboardpro

With the Group Request Manager option in the module, you can send requests to all the groups at once to join them.

With the Group Post Liker feature, you can stay active and engage with people on the group. If you wish to make others as the admins of the group, you can make it as well.

With these features, you can be an active member all the groups and you can make your own groups as a source for solutions to the problems of your customers.

And yeah, the key feature of FaceboardPro is here to keep you active on all the groups:

Wall Module

In the wall module, you can make different kinds of posts on your wall. And later, you can share the posts on all your groups with one click.

Share Posts

Open the wall module and click on Share Post option. There you can upload the URLs of all the posts that you need to share to the groups. And check the box Share to Groups. Once you click on the Start button, FaceboardPro will start sharing the posts to all the groups.

This automation doesn’t take more time. You can schedule the time delay as long as you want it. With this feature, you can share your post to tens of groups just in a minute while it takes many minutes while done manually.

This is how you share a single post to all groups on Facebook.