The world is developing with the growing demands of people. The time has changed a lot. In the past building awareness about any business across the world was a myth but now it is the truth. Yes, social media is playing a vital role in this field.

Nowadays, people of every age are using the social media platform. With no doubt, it is becoming a major part of getting success. We all know that there are a various option by which you are able to promote your brand but social media is the platform where people get success if is used efficiently.

Are you wondering how to share a single post in various Facebook groups? Want to know the solution for this? Then you are in the right place to make your search. Yes, I will let you know how efficiently you can do the same.

The answer is by the use of software automation tool. Yes, Faceboardpro is one of the Facebook automation tools which can make your work easy and automatic.

Before proceeding you must ask the question why there is a need to post in a different group? So let’s first answer this.


Why need to post in Different Groups?


Well, there are various reasons for this.


  • Promote your business on such a huge platform with billion of users.
  • Create awareness about your brand.
  • Divert the people’s attention towards your products.
  • You can get good user counts who are interested in your products.
  • You will open up a way to spread awareness, as people who are interested in your products will let others (people in their groups) know about your products if they like it more.


Now let’s move for the solution to share a single post in various groups. Use the features of Faceboardpro.


Features of Faceboardpro


Make smart use of Faceboardpro


  • Manage your different accounts.
  • Post in various groups.
  • Share in various groups.
  • Manage your activities related to Facebook events.
  • Post on your friend’s wall and much more.


Steps to Share a single Post in Various Group


Well, it is quite obvious that to share in a various group you have to first join them. So prefer joining groups which will provide benefits to you and your brand.


Step 1


Be ready with all the URLs on which you want to post and then select the option to load multiple accounts. You can also use single URL.


Step 2


Now you have to select the account with which you want to make your post.


Step 3


From the setting option set the number of shares, then the delay and threads. Then you need to choose the option of share in groups.


Step 4


Finally, when done click on start and your work will be done according to the schedule which you have set.  


Share a single Post in Various Group



Well, there is various option by which you can like different group posts also can make comments. From the walls option, you can make posts on your friend’s wall. There is various advantage of using Faceboardpro to escalate your business on social media.


Over to you


The above mentioned were the steps by which you can post on various  Facebook groups with just a single click. For knowing more on the features of Faceboardpro you can follow our blog on Faceboardpro.

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