One of the most demanding social media platforms is Facebook. The place which is never left ideal. Always you can find something new and impressive posts which are appreciated by the users. Thus one can consider this platform as the base to spread awareness about their respective business.  

With no doubt, the results are observed very soon. But this alone will not work to the fullest as you have to be smarter in your approach. For this, you can make use of the software automation tool which can prove to be an accelerator for your business growth on Facebook.

Wondering, which automation tool will be the best one to choose? If so then I have got a solution for that which is Faceboardpro. Let’s just have an idea what is it actually.  




It is the software automation tool for Facebook. One can easily use this automation tool to escalate the efforts which are made on Facebook for business purpose. As the world is growing smart so to meet your goal you too need to get smarter. And at this place, you can make use of the automation tool and increase your chances to get success.




For using this you need to know the features of Faceboardpro. So let’s just have a look on some of them which can assure you that yes, you will get benefits with this.


Features of Faceboardpro

1. Accounts Manager


Accounts Manager


This module helps you to manage all your activities related to your Facebook accounts. Being a businessperson it will be quite difficult for you to manage all your Facebook accounts. But this module will help you to get all your accounts details in a single place. You are also allowed to load multiple accounts or single account and also can delete some if not required. From the above-provided option you can manage your work easily.


2. Send Friend request


 Send Friend request


This module will help you to send a friend request to those people whom you find can help you grow your business. Wondering how? Well, in this module you can make your search for through the keywords, location, customer users list, suggested friends, active group, and page members. As per your desire make your search with the help of options provided. Sometimes it is found that some of your sent friend requests are not accepted for such cases you can again choose the option provided in the below box.

Then you need to set the delay and thread.

With this module, you will nullify all your difficulties regarding the friend’s option.


3. Join Groups


Join Groups


If you wish to join any group which is related to your business then you can easily join them with the help of this module. As here also you can find the option of joining groups with the help of keywords or can choose from the custom group lists.

You can also enable the option not to send a request to join any particular group if you have already sent the request from your other profiles. Then set the thread and delay and you are done. Well, you can also choose from which account you want to send the request to join any group.


4. FB Poster


FB Poster


This module will help you to comment or like or to do both on your custom list of posts. One can select what to post from the post input option provided. Also, you are able to get the option where you want to make your post like on fan’s page or account wall or friend’s wall or in some groups. According to your need choose the option and then set thread and delay and you are done.


Over to you


These were some of the features of Faceboardpro which will inspire your business growth. Hope I was clear on my words to explain you the same.

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